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Bid to nip diseases in the bud

Hindu on 12 November 2010

“In an attempt to reduce the global impact of chronic non-communicable diseases, CCDC is partnering with Arogya World to launch the framework for its ‘Healthy Schools and Healthy Workplace-Seal of Approval’. As part of the programme, schools and workplaces in India will be invited to participate in this initiative and will be recognised for their health promotion efforts”.

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Heart diseases take more lives than other ailments

Mail Today on 12 April 2010

“People dying because of heart disease in their productive years is resulting in a great economic loss to the country.”

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Tipplers lose heart excuse to drink

The Telegraph on 3 March 2010

“There may be differences in how people from different populations metabolise alcohol,”

“The absence of the protective effect may also be linked to patterns of alcohol drinking which are significantly different in India than in the West. Alcohol is often consumed with meals and in moderate amounts in the West,” said Dorairaj Prabhakaran, a cardiologist at the Centre for Chronic Disease and Control,New Delhi”.

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Heart Attack Warning

Mail Today on 28 Feb 2010

“Smoking is the number one reason for heart attacks under 50,”

“If you are under 40 and smoke 20 cigarettes a day, you are seven times more likely to get a heart attack than a non-smoker.”

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