If applying for Exemption from review, mention the category (ies) under which the proposal may qualify for consideration (as per the below criteria), in the application submission page.

Proposals with less than minimal risk where there are no linked identifiers, for example:

  1. Research conducted on data available in the public domain for systematic reviews or meta-analysis;
  2. Observation of public behaviour when information is recorded without any linked identifiers and disclosure would not harm the interests of the observed person;
  3. Quality control and quality assurance audits in the institution;
  4. Comparison of instructional techniques, curricula, or classroom management methods;
  5. Consumer acceptance studies related to taste and food quality; and
  6. Public health programmes by Govt agencies such as programme evaluation where the sole purpose of the exercise is refinement and improvement of the programme or monitoring (where there are no individual identifiers).

List of documents to be included in the application:

  1. Covering Letter (include list of all documents submitted along with version and date, as applicable)
  2. Completed CCDC-IEC Proforma
  3. Full study protocol
  4. Study Summary, not more than 1-2 page(s) (include study flow chart)
  5. Study Questionnaires/Interview guides in English and applicable languages, if applicable
  6. PIS & ICF’s in English and applicable languages, if applicable
  7. CV’s of all Investigators (PI & Co-I’s)
  8. Ethical clearances from other EC’s, if applicable
  9. Regulatory clearance letters from HMSC, if applicable
  10. Any other relevant document/information