The study submission process at CCDC-IEC is completely online starting from DD-MMM-YYYY. Investigators submitting applications for the first time are advised to first create an account using their official CCDC email id.


The Member Secretary/Secretariat shall screen the proposals for their completeness and depending on the risk involved categorize them into three types, namely, exemption from review, expedited review, and full committee review. The investigator cannot decide the review category, however he/she can approach the EC with appropriate justification for the proposal to be considered as exempt, expedited or if waiver of consent is required. Please click here to see the types of review.

Please Note :

No research project shall be / can be started unless ethics clearance/approval is obtained. Please bear in mind that no retrospective / post facto ethical clearance can be provided to research projects which were neither submitted nor vetted by the Institutional Ethics Committee.

All submissions should be made in the prescribed Format of the Institutional Ethics Committee by the Principal Investigator. The Principal Investigator must be a CCDC staff. Also ensure that all the pages are numbered and all documents have a version number.

Project Submission Time: Submissions will be received on all days. Proposals received 15 days prior to the meeting date will be processed in the meeting and those received after that will be processed in the next meeting. All meetings of Institute Ethics Committee will be held as far as possible on a quarterly basis.

While submitting responses to the concerns raised by the Ethics Committee, the investigators are advised to mention the Institutional Ethics Committee Project Code, point by point response on the comments made by the committee and submit any modifications to the previously submitted documents in track changes.